"I've always been driven to create... whether it be music, technology, or art. Now, I create stories and worlds by writing. All these activities are just different notes of one creative voice."

The Tavern Priestess

Book cover art

Joan of Arc meets Odysseus? That’s the driving concept for my first novel, The Tavern Priestess. In the early iron-age of this fantasy world, the teen-aged protagonist must rise from innkeeper's daughter to a cleric-warrior. Coming of age is hard for everyone.  Imagine if your deity gave you a week!


Q: Is it published?
A:  Not yet. The manuscript is complete at 94,000 words, and in want of representation.

Q: Who did your cover art?
A: The cover is just placeholder art I did for myself.  I've also done all kinds of maps, character sketches, and floor plans for key buildings.  I'm a visual thinker.

Q: Do you have any other books?
A:  I am working on a new manuscript, but don't wait for that. I've got a few short stories in print and guest-blogged (see below).

Tusks of Coal


Not much to say about a work in progress, except it is a completely different novel than Tavern Priestess.  (And I'm having a lot of fun writing it.)


Published Short Stories

Clothes Shopping: A Boy's Story


This started as a guest blog and later was published in Voices of the Valley: Word for Word, the third anthology of the Tri-Valley Writers.


A Family Tradition


As a guest blogger, I didn't set out to write a dark paranormal piece. One of the musical prompts I was given just led me in that direction and I went with it.  See the original post here. I think it would make a great prologue for a longer piece where the sisters are reunited a few years later.