2013 Thanksgiving Blog Hop FAQ

2013 Thanksgiving Blog Hop
Theme: “The Day Before Thanksgiving”
  1. What is a Blog Hop?  It’s a social way to generate some publicity for your blog and provide some publicity for others bloggers. Hopefully we will all find some new writer friends in the process.  It’s like an old fashioned sock hop, only without music and dancing.
  2. How to participate? Follow these simple steps:
    1. Write a post on your own blog following this year’s theme, “The Day Before Thanksgiving.”
    2. Add the following HTML code snippet to your post to load the button (an image wrapped in a link with some support code).
      <iframe src="" height="200" width="200"></iframe>

      If you want more details see our technote on adding a badge.

    3. Submit the URL of your post for review using the form HERE. Once accepted, your post will be added to the list.
    4. Visit other blog posts that also appear on the list and leave an encouraging comment on two of your favorites.
  3. Why should I leave a comment? If you enjoy someone’s post, why wouldn’t you pay them a compliment?
  4.  How long is this blog hop? The submission form will go live on Friday November 15.  On Friday November 22, the submission form and instructions will be removed. Posts will be listed here on a rolling basis and remain as long as the URLs are live. We ask you to post your comments on other’s blogs before Thanksgiving day.
  5. How many blogs should I visit? As many as you like.
  6. Are there any contests or prizes? No, it’s just for fun and socializing.
  7. Any other rules or guidelines? Yes.
    1. This is a family-friendly activity. Please keep all posts and comments rated PG-13 or lower.
    2. Posts, links, and images may be excluded or pulled from this site for any reason.
    3. When leaving a comment:
      1. remember the 3 P’s: be positive, polite, and professional
      2. no spam
      3. don’t ask for anything in return – they’re already in the blog hop, so they know the deal
      4. you can mention this blog hop in the comment, so they know how you found them, but focus your comment on their post.
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